The Making of Just a Nibble

Just a Nibble is the second* short film in a compilation DVD project—the details of which will be announced in the near future—from writer/producer/director Michael William Hogan.

Producer Doug Neff assembled an outstanding crew and primary photography for Just a Nibble was shot at an LA–area hotel over a two day period. Filming in a small, confined space presents special challenges—as does filming at a vibrant hotel on a near capacity weekend—but our team pulled it off without a hitch. (Covertly escorting actors along hotel hallways in full FX makeup was especially fun!)

The 'cast of two' featured veteran actor/spokesman/model Bryan Kent and St. Louis native turned LA resident Erin Marie Hogan. Bryan and Erin were first paired together during auditions and they really excelled at bringing the characters to life: Bryan as Howard Steinhaus, the womanizing senior law firm partner; and Erin as Amy, his 'whatever it takes to get to the top' lead paralegal.

The end result is exactly what the filmmakers wanted: an entertaining short film that’s fun to watch. In the end you, the audience, can decide if you agree.

Marcus Dreeke ErinHogan and BryanKent After Party
Erin Hogan and Jill GalstererJill Galsterer and Erin Hogan between takes. Bryan KentBryan Kent dreams of an endorsement deal. Erin Hogan"The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures; 'tis the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil."

(from William Shakespeare’s
‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’)
TransformationThe beginning of a transformation?

Production Notes

"Next time, use a $1 bill"

Two $100 bills were used as props; one of which was glued to remain ‘pre-rolled’. Unfortunately, the glue used was of a permanent nature requiring the genius who applied it to beg a bank manager to take it back. Since the begging resulted in an exchange for a crisp new Benjamin, we’ve decided not to disclose the culprit’s identity.
Howards Belly“Go ahead…rub my belly”

There’s something about a fat, hairy prosthetic belly that far exceeds the appeal of a real one.
Monitor“The Fall Guy”

In one scene, actor Bryan Kent was required to fall quickly backward away from the bathroom mirror. To ensure Bryan’s safety, set photographer (and former Long Beach police lieutenant) Steve Zabel was positioned behind the shower curtain to catch him. All went well the first couple of takes. Then Bryan literally threw himself into the role; tripping over the toilet, taking out the camera and landing on his backside in the bathtub next to a startled Steve. For the record, Bryan—the consummate professional—climbed right out and prepared for another take.
Michael William Hogan and Erin Hogan“For the record”

In case you wondered, actress Erin Marie Hogan and director Michael William Hogan are not related.